Valaris Gorilla 7 passing Broughty Castle

Valaris Gorilla 7 Broughty Castle

Jack-up rig Valaris Gorilla 7 passing Broughty Castle.

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I took this photo on Friday 22nd of October as this jack-up rig was towed along the Tay Estuary by Maersk Handler and tugs: Corringham, Craigleith, Inchcolm, and Petrel.

Usually, when the rigs have left the Tay Estuary. The tugs return to their base. The offshore supply vessel will tow the rig to where they need it in the North Sea.

However, VG7 was heading to the Firth of Forth, where it would rendezvous with a heavy lift vessel for a 2-month voyage to New Zealand. Unfortunately, bad weather delayed loading.

This jack-up arrived at the Port of Dundee on Saturday 11th of April 2020, near the start of the Covid19 lockdown.
When this jack-up arrived, it was still named Rowan Gorilla 7. So workers needed to change the name on the drilling derrick, the side of the hull and the helipad. Renaming is quite a complicated procedure, but it is a lot easier and safer on the shore of the Tay Estuary than in the middle of the north sea.

At one point in 2020, there were seven jack-up rigs at the Port. Normally, they have direct access to the quayside. Because of the high number, they were arranged in clusters allowing other vessels to access the quayside.
VG7 was the last one to leave.

A three part timelapse of its departure with music.

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