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Frequently Asked Questions about Stephen Finn Photography.
I can help you if you need architectural, event photography or headshots.

Can you deliver posters to outside of the UK?

Currently delivery is just for the UK, however if there is enough interest, I will add delivery to other countries.

So please get in touch to let me know you are interested in buying a poster.

Do you do wedding photography?

I have no current plans to photograph

  • Weddings
  • Hen nights
  • Stag nights
  • Pre-nuptial poses

Some may think wedding photography is event photography.

I disagree. Wedding photographs are a cherished memory of a significant event, so the photos have a much higher value. The photographer will need to be more intrusive and to take more time to set up each photograph.

Event photography shouldn’t intrude or disrupt the flow of the event. 

An event photographer should observe not intrude.

Do you have a studio?

I don’t have a studio so if you want a fancy background or lighting, I can’t help.

However I can help you if you need a well-lit headshot against a plain background. Instead of coming to a studio, I can bring my portable studio to you, which is a more efficient method if you need headshots for your whole team. I can work wonders with a plain wall and a chair.

Alternatively, every few months, I hire a room for individual headshots.

Do you do drone photography?

I don’t have a drone. However, I do have quite an extensive portfolio of views from high vantage points around Dundee.

elevated view Dundee

Do you shoot in RAW format or JPEG?

Please tell me before the project if you need RAW files.

How do you send the images?

I shoot a lot more than I need and select about a third of the images to edit. I will send you optimised web-sized images. (Up to 1920 pixels wide by e-mail).

The larger files will be arranged in Google drive folders for you to download.

Do you do product photography?

I do have a white box for small products, like a bottle of Dundee Gin. Though I prefer al fresco product photography.

Are you a videographer?

I produced all the videos on this website. However, I am using DLSRs with video capability and not high spec video cameras.

Can you take team photos outdoors?

Yes, I can. These are one of my favourite types of photos.

Do you do sports photography?

Sometimes, I have photographed golf and football.

Do you do pet photography?

No, I do like cats, but I’ve had a few bad experiences with dogs over the years.

Do you do newborn photography?

Sorry, no baby photography or child’s portraits.

So what do you take photos of?


Do you need stunning images for your case study?

❌ Mediocre photography does not stop people scrolling

❌ Uninspired images do not get clicked

❌ Dull photos don’t attract new customers

Professional photography for a case study isn’t a cost, it’s an investment.

Amazing photography is scroll stopping

Stunning images do inspire clicks

Incredible photos will attract new clients

Great images are vital for any case study if you want to show your exceptional work to attract more clients.

Construction is a multi-billion pound industry.

 Isn’t it worth investing in professional photography for your case study?

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