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Welcome to Stephen Finn Photography. I am a Dundee based photographer specialising in:

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I am a Dundee architectural photographer available to produce stunning images for your case study.

Construction is a multi-billion pound industry.

Isn’t it worth investing in some professional photography for your case study?

Event Photography

For those near Dundee. Whether you need posed photos or candid shots of your event, I can provide high resolution images for printing and web optimised files with a speedy turnaround.

If you want an event photographer to observe and not intrude on your event, then get in touch.


Your headshot is the most important photograph you will ever post on LinkedIn. So it must give a great first impression of you.

I don’t have a studio so I bring my portable studio to you. Saving you time and money.

Stock Photography

Need photos of Dundee?
Thousands of photographs to buy of Dundee and beyond for print and web use. Tourist attractions, the waterfront redevelopment and scenic views.

Stock Footage

Need footage of Dundee?
Why not buy direct from the videographer and not a faceless agency.  Lots of stunning footage to choose from for your video project.

Prints + Posters

 Need to brighten a wall?
If you are suffering from boring wall syndrome. You can brighten it with a print or poster of one of my images of the Tay Rail Bridge, V&A Design Museum + Tay Road Bridge.

It is a netwalking group based in Dundee.

Netwalking is networking while walking. It’s a chance to get some fresh air and exercise while you are networking with other local businesses.

Instead of networking sitting down over a coffee or even worse staring at a screen.

Why not stretch your legs?

Some examples of my architectural photography

UK delivery only

Do you need stunning images for your case study?

Amazing photography is scroll stopping

Stunning images do inspire clicks

Incredible photos will attract new clients

Professional photography for a case study isn’t a cost, it’s an investment.

 X Mediocre photography does not stop people scrolling

 X Uninspired images do not get clicked

 X Dull photos don’t attract new customers 

Great images are vital for any case study if you want to show your exceptional work to attract more clients.

Construction is a multi-billion pound industry.

 Isn’t it worth investing in professional photography for your case study?

Some examples of my work, set to upbeat dance music available from Five Notes Media

About Me

Instead of reading why not listen to a podcast where I talk about

“My Story so Far”

Or if you prefer reading…

My journey to photography

When I was a cub scout, I didn’t get my photography badge. It was supposedly a sure thing. I borrowed a camera, loaded up a 24 exposure roll of film, and just four came out.

I think my photography has improved since then.

Biochemistry brought me to Dundee in 2002. In 2005, I hung up my pipette for the last time and reached for my camera.  After studying biochemistry for over six years (BSc.+ PhD), I didn’t want to retrain. I believed I could earn a living from photography. For over a decade, I produced stock photography. I travelled around taking photos, uploaded them to a stock agency and waited for someone to buy them.

Someone once told me this is not a career. It’s a lifestyle. Looking back, that person was right. I may have taken my retirement early. For a few years, I was a jet setter flying to the USA, Europe or Southeast Asia for weeks at a time to increase my portfolio. When we started a family, my trips became shorter and confined to Scotland.

Unfortunately, the stock agency set the prices and their cut. Over the years, the prices my images sold for plummeted, and their share steadily increased. My 65% cut dwindled to 40%. Therefore I started Stephen Finn Photography and decided to try the B2B market.  After joining the local chamber of commerce, I networked like crazy. If there was a free event, I was there.

Many events clashed with the school run or required child care to attend. I decided to set up my event at lunchtime, a netwalking group called “Walk N Talk“. From May 2019 – March 2020, we met twice a month on a Wednesday lunchtime. We walked along the wide footpaths by the River Tay created during the regeneration of Dundee’s waterfront. A week before lockdown began, we switched to an online format called Click N Talk using Zoom and its breakout rooms.

Prior to Covid19 I was doing event photography and taking headshots. From my headshot work I developed an interest in LinkedIn after having not much success with Facebook and Twitter. I found there was a lack of great photography on LinkedIn. I started to experiment, posting local news stories with my own photos. Once I gave a live talk about creating content on LinkedIn and when Covid19 hit and event photography dried up. I decided to develop that talk into webinars that I hosted. These were expanded into an online course about LinkedIn profile, content and connections.

When my children returned to school, I also embraced online networking. Some months I attended 10 – 15 meetings a week which helped me build my network. Currently, I am only attending events I host myself, and I am happy to announce that my networking group Walk N Talk has restarted in Dundee.

Now, I am rebooting my photography business. I am concentrating on three aspects of photography that I enjoy, architecture, headshots and events. I believe if you are passionate about the subject, it will show in your work.

I am a creative person as well as photography and videography. I also dabble with writing and even animation.


You can view more Dundee architectural photography here

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Agnes Husband House
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Menzieshill Community hub Dundee
Menzieshill Community Hub
Tay Road Bridge reflected
Tay Road Bridge Lighting
Dundee Regional Performance Centre
Dundee Regional Sports Centre
tay whale waterfront place dundee
Lifting the Tay Whale
V&A Design Museum Signage
Plans for new arena in Dundee
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New Hilltown Housing
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