Valaris 121 passing Broughty Ferry Dundee

Valaris 121 passing broughty ferry

Jack-up rig Valaris 121 passing Broughty Ferry Dundee

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I took this photo on 1st August 2018 as jack-up rig ENSCO 121 was towed along the Tay Estuary by Atlantic Kestrel and tugs: Kittiwake, Dalmeny, BOA Hiemdal and BOA Balder.

This is a popular viewpoint in Broughty Ferry as this street slopes upwards to give elevation. If you use a zoom lens you can flatten the image making passing vessels seem closer than they actually are.

It is a KFELS Super A Class jack-up rig and was built in Singapore in 2013. It was originally named ENSCO 121 but was renamed on one of its later visits to Dundee

So workers needed to change the name on the drilling derrick, the side of the hull and the helipad. Renaming is quite a complicated procedure, but it is a lot easier and safer on the shore of the Tay Estuary than in the middle of the north sea.

ENSCO 121’s accommodation block is wrapped around one leg. It has six levels, including the deck level. On this level are the recreation rooms, gym, sauna and sickbay.

Max occupancy is 150 crew though the standard crew is around 145 on this rig. Cabins are on levels 1 – 4. Cabins have two beds, TV, desk + en suite toilet & shower. As there are day/night shifts, you would never know if your roommate was an Olympic class snorer as you are never sleeping in the cabin at the same time. There is housekeeping to change sheets and towels, but no chocolates on pillows. There are four single rooms for the senior crew. Offices are on level four + communications/leg control room on level five.

A timelapse of its departure with music.

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