Do you need to change your headshot?

If you think you need to change your headshot, watch this video to learn about RASSOL. An acronym to help you remember the key points or read the text below.

To help you remember some key points about headshots.

Remember RASSOL, which is also a hangover cure made of pickle juice and herbs.

The video above also explains these points.

R -Recent

Our appearance changes as we get older. In my case, it’s not the years. It’s the mileage. If you’ve grown a beard or changed your hair colour drastically, it’s worth changing your headshot. Otherwise, people won’t recognize you at an event.

A -no Action

No action and no drunken shots, just a plain head and shoulders image of you.

S - Smart

No Speedos. No ball gowns. Dress as you would when you’re meeting someone for the first time, and you wanted to make a great impression.

S - Smile

Now some people’s posed smile can be a bit scary, so it’s worth getting the photographer to try to make you laugh.
You may be pleasantly surprised about some of the facial expressions you’re making. It’s always worth getting friends and family to give you a second and third opinion about which photograph best shows your character.

O - One

There should be only one person in the photograph.
No couples, no families, no one man and his dog. No, where’s Waldo?

L - Look

Look at the camera. If you meet someone for the first time and you won’t make eye contact. It doesn’t make a good first impression. Similarly, look at the camera for your headshot.

For a portrait, you shouldn’t look at the camera. Otherwise, your eyes in the photo will follow people around the room. For a headshot, you should look at the camera. It helps you build trust.

Do you need an headshot photographer?

Your headshot is the most important photograph that you will ever post on LinkedIn and probably your website.
In this world of online networking, potential clients will probably meet the virtual you (your headshot) before they meet you in person.
A great headshot will show your personality + help to build trust.

A great headshot isn’t just another cost. It’s an investment.

Do you need a headshot
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