Click N Talk

Click N Talk was an informal online networking using Zoom and its breakout rooms.

Click N Talk

What was Click N Talk?

Click N Talk was an informal networking event using Zoom + its breakout rooms. An event for small businesses around the UK.

The Ten Second Pitch

The usual format was we introduced ourselves with lightning pitches about of 10 seconds. The idea was to learn about the people, not the products in the break out rooms where we would spend most of our time.

Click N Talk
Click N Talk

Breakout Rooms

After the lightning pitches, I would open up the break out rooms for the first of three 10-15 minute sessions. Next, I would shuffle people between rooms manually to give attendees the chance to chat with as many people as possible.

LinkedIn Post

Afterwards, attendees could connect via a LinkedIn post listing all those who attended + what they do.

Click N Talk

Click N Talk

Click N Talk may return, but not in the immediate future.

This networking group was formed in May 2019 as a netwalking group in Dundee, meeting twice a month. Our attendees were from Dundee and the surrounding area. In March 2020, due to Covid19, we switched to an online format.

I kept the lunchtime timeslot, but our attendees are from around the UK. However, we have attendees join us from Ireland, Malta and even Japan.

I don’t like events where you sit listening to the same elevator pitch week after week. So I cut the pitches down to 10 seconds or less to give us more time in breakout rooms to chat.

If you have any questions about this online networking event.

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