Why hire an event photographer?

Why hire an event photographer?

So you don’t have to worry about
taking photos and can enjoy your event.

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A professional event photographer is an investment

You may think that an event photographer is just another expense for your event. But if you think about it, an event photographer could be an investment in your event.

With a selection of professional images, you can build your brand, sharing your amazing event far beyond those who attended in person.

You can display these photos on your website and social media. So your potential clients can see you are committed to your business. You can show how much you invest in your events, increasing sign-ups for the next event.

why hire an event photographer

An experienced photographer can organise people for posed shots

An experienced photographer can efficiently arrange people for posed photographs to get the shot before they lose interest. They have experience communicating effectively where the subjects need to stand to achieve the best shot. People come to events to celebrate, to network or to eat and drink, not to stand around waiting for their photo be taken.

A professional event photographer has the right gear

They will have a recent camera with not only a powerful flash with plenty of batteries for posed shots but a fast zoom lens for candid ones. An experienced event photographer should observe not intrude. A fast zoom lens that can take amazing photos in low light without a flash is vital for capturing moments without spoiling the event.

They have experience

An experienced photographer can anticipate the event. They will know where and when they should be, to get the best photographs without obstructing or annoying the audience or attendees. Their experience gives them stamina to work for the duration of the event. Modern DSLRs with their lens can start to feel very heavy after an hour of taking photos.

why hire an event photographer

A competent event photographer has backup equipment.

As the military say “Two is one, one is none”

Technology has a bad habit of breaking so back up equipment is vital. Your expensive mobile phone may take stunning photos but do you have another just in case the battery fails or there is another technical issue. A professional event photographer will have a back up camera and flash.

An accomplished event photographer knows their camera

An event photographer knows their camera and lens. The photographer can push them to their limits for exciting and unusual shots. They know what to frame, where to focus and when to capture the crucial moments.

Whether they should use portrait or landscape orientation. How to use the room looking for the finest vantage points or places to observe the event. They will find the areas of the venue with the best lighting or backgrounds to create stunning images.

why hire an event photographer

A professional event photographer makes sure no one is forgotten

Unless you take selfies the photographer doesn’t appear in the photo, so if you or a friend take the photos they will be absent from the images. Whereas a professional event photographer will work the room capturing all attendees in photographs.

A skilled event photographer can improve their photographs

Digital photographs can be improved with some simple editing. Editing the photographs often takes longer than taking the photographs, would you have the time after the event to do so? A professional photographer will have an efficient workflow of selecting only the best images and editing them.

They will know which images can be improved and which can’t. They can optimise the images for use on social media and websites. Look for a photographer with a fast turn around, at the very least they should be able to give you a few rush photos within 24 hours for social media.

why hire an event photographer

Why hire an event photographer?

Pictures speak louder than words.

If you are a public speaker, don’t tell your audience.
Show them a photo of you speaking to a crowded room.

If you run interactive workshops, don’t tell your clients.
Show them images of a well-attended workshop.

If you run popular conferences, don’t tell your attendees.
Show them images of crowded conference space.
Images are a powerful way of giving your business credibility.

A photo of you presenting to a crowded room builds your reputation
as a thought leader more effectively than words ever could.

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