W05 – Tay Whale by night Waterfront Place Dundee




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Background information of this image of Tay Whale night in Dundee

This image of the Tay Whale night was taken on the 7th of January 2022

Waterfront Place is adjacent to the V&A Museum of Design. The site includes a 7,000-square-foot ‘urban beach’ surrounded by bench seating, a 2,150-square-foot cycle hub with cycle hire and cafe, a landscaped area with pine trees and shrubs, illuminated fountains and the Tay Whale with its stainless steel kelp and soundscape.

Artist Lee Simmons won the design competition for the artwork in Waterfront Place. Dundee has a whaling history. Shipbuilders in Dundee built many whaling ships. The polar exploration vessel RRS Discovery was built in Dundee using the same robust designs as those ships to withstand ice. They used whale oil in the jute mills to soften the fibres to make them more malleable. Whales are part of Dundee’s heritage.

There were two options;
To make the individual pieces in Littlehampton, transport them by road and assemble them in Dundee.
Or to make the artwork in Littlehampton and transport the finished artwork by barge along the coast of the UK. Workers at Littlehampton Welding limited spent five months transforming two kilometres of marine-grade tubular stainless steel into a 36-metre long 22-tonne work of art. A twice life-size representation of a humpback whale.

After some very long days and a lot of welding and polishing.
Not to mentioning lots bending by Angle Ring Company

The barge left Littlehampton in West Sussex around 8 PM on Thursday 14th of October, and about 80 hours later, it arrived in the Dundee area.

After arriving at the Port of Dundee the previous day. On Tuesday 19th of October 2021, DMS Condor towed this iconic whale artwork along the River Tay to the quayside beside Waterfront Place. Just before 2 PM it was lifted from the barge to a temporary position in a side road.

Where the temporary supports were removed and it was lifted again and turned 180 degrees. The head was facing Slessor Gardens it is now facing the River Tay.

You can see a short video of lifting the Tay Whale on my YouTube channel

Lifting the Tay Whale



20 x 30cm, 30 x 45 cm, 40 x 60 cm