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Hi I’m Stephen, a Dundee Photographer available for architectural photography, event photography and headshots.

Dundee headshot photographer

Biochemistry brought me to Dundee in 2002. In 2005, I hung up my pipette for the last time and reached for my camera.  After studying biochemistry for over six years (BSc.+ PhD), I didn’t want to retrain. I believed I could earn a living from photography. For over a decade, I produced stock photography. I travelled around taking photos, uploaded them to a stock agency and waited for someone to buy them.

Someone once told me this is not a career. It’s a lifestyle. Looking back, that person was right. I may have taken my retirement early. For a few years, I was a jet setter flying to the USA, Europe or Southeast Asia for weeks at a time to increase my portfolio. When we started a family, my trips became shorter and confined to Scotland.


Stock photography

Unfortunately, the stock agency set the prices and their cut. Over the years, the prices my images sold for plummeted, and their share steadily increased and my cut dwindled. Therefore I started Stephen Finn Photography and decided to try the B2B market.  After joining the local chamber of commerce, I networked like crazy. If there was a free event, I was there.

After a hiatus due to Covid19, I am rebooting my photography business. I am concentrating on three aspects of photography that I enjoy, architecture, events and headshots. I believe if you are passionate about the subject, it will show in your work.

Dundee Photographer

Architectural Photographer

From my years building my stock portfolio, I gained experience in architectural photography. My knowledge grew as I started to document the regeneration of Dundee’s waterfront, as they demolished and built others in their place.

Construction firms need high-quality photographs for their case studies to win new contracts. I can produce these images for projects in Dundee and the surrounding area. If your company has worked on a distant project, hire a local photographer. Don’t hire a photographer to travel long distances to take your photographs.

If you hire a local photographer, you pay them for their time on-site taking photos, not their travel time. A local photographer like myself will be able to make multiple site visits to take the images you need at different times of day or night, with ideal weather conditions. A local photographer will know the best time of day and viewpoints to capture outstanding images.

Dundee photographer

Dundee Event Photographer

An event photographer could be an investment in your event. With a selection of professional images, you can build your brand, sharing your marvellous event far beyond those who attended in person. You can display these photos on your website and social media. So your potential clients can see you are committed to your business. You can show how much you invest in your events, increasing sign-ups for the next event.

As well as photographing many events both officially and unofficially, I have also attended numerous events and observed other event photographers at work. I have learnt from their successes and failures. I have invested in a fast zoom lens. So I can stand in the corner of the room and capture moments without spoiling the event with excessive use of a flash.

Dundee Photographer

Dundee Headshot Photographer

Your headshot is the most important photograph that you will ever post on LinkedIn and probably your website. In this world of online networking, potential clients will meet the virtual you (your headshot) before they meet you in person. A great headshot will show your personality and help you to build trust.

A professional headshot isn’t just another cost. It’s an investment.

I am a Dundee based photographer available for headshots and team photos in Dundee and the surrounding area. I don’t have a studio, but I can save you time and money by bringing my portable studio to you. I can work wonders with a plain wall and a chair.

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